Beautiful, rich, intellectual, democratic, alive, sports’ friendly, cultural, sentimental, romantic, modern, serious, extroverted, professional. At the end of the day, what defines São Paulo? There is not a single adjective able to translate with perfection what represents one of the megacities of the world.

Carefully drawn by multi-nationalities, cultures, beliefs, formations and ideals, this great bandeirante (pioneers) metropolis is really cosmopolitan, by vocation and adoption. It is Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arabian, Spanish, Latina, Brazilian, “paulistana” (from São Paulo city). These and many other different faces are reflected in the architecture of the buildings, in the streets, in the refined taste of its gastronomic suggestions and in the attires and mannerisms of a people that never stop, day after day, writing the city’s valuable history.

Every year, approximately 10 million visitors come to the city in order to leverage business or tighten up professional contacts, to shop or to enjoy the cultural calendar tuned to what is going on around the world. To be in São Paulo is to live a 24 hour metropolis, with a life style that joins work and leisure as if they were two faces of the same coin. Capital of a State the same size of United Kingdom, with a population similar to Spain and that is accountable for generating almost half of Brazil’s economy, São Paulo has also become the number one touristic destination of Brazil.

Source: São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau


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